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About Shigardy 2013

Based on P2Bk goals, to support the Kuwaiti small businesses, Kuwaiti achievements and Kuwaiti talents, Shigardy came this year to provide the opportunity for the youths to achieve their projects and ambitions by putting them in practical environment which includes special courses in "human development , Leadership and teaming , and Business skills" in addition to the guest speakers , round discussions and field trips.

Duration of the Program :

The program will be for one month from 20th August till 19th Septeper 2013.

The program stages :

Firstt stage : Researching and perception
The foundation to think in Shigardy issues and to consider their interest, talents
and project aspiration.

Second stage : Planning
To have a clear vision and goals and to put well strategy to achieve their

Third stage : Implementation and Achieving
To apply the projects in reality and find out the extent of the project success

Forth stage : Presentation
To know how to be a good speaker and how to do a good presentation to present Shigardy work to the committe