Our Story

The year 2008 witnessed the launch of the National project “Proud to be Kuwaiti” (P2BK), which is a non-profit organization founded by Mr. Dhari Hamad Al-Wazzan. P2BK strives and seeks to reach young, enthusiastic and ambitious youth with distinctive talents and creative ideas.

  • P2BK empowers and support the young minds of Kuwait- entrepreneurs, talents, and achievements. Everyone with an ambition is fully encouraged and gladly brought into our family to realize their potentiality.
  • P2BK recognizes youth not only as future leaders, but as actors of society today, with a direct stake in the development process.
  • P2BK enable young women and men to participate on equal terms ALL Youth are enabled to participate as both creators and beneficiaries of development
  • P2BK support and highlight Kuwaiti youth’s energies in various fields and levels by organizing activities, events, and national contributions, while exposing and overcoming the obstacles facing them during their inception and beginning
  • P2BK motivates and look for innovative ideas for prospective opportunities and also sharpen youth leadership skills which would inspire them to further expand their business
  • P2BK recognizes young people with disabilities who have greater difficulties participating in society due to lack of equal opportunities. To improve their independent access to the physical
  • environment, information, devices of assistance, equipment, awareness campaigns and fundraising are necessary.


P2BK Magazine

Magazine, Jan 2014Magazine | Jan 2014 "Proud to be Kuwaiti" magazine is the true mirror of the project. Published in 10,000 free copies and distributed every month at places full of vigour and movement, which attracts a large group of young people.Read More