Since 400 Years


Embracing the idea of 400-year project is attributed to Sheikha Dr. Maimouna Al Sabah, who was able to prove that Kuwait was founded in 1613. Kuwait’s civilization is rooted in history for more than 400 years; when Al-Sabah and Utub settled in 1613. Kuwait’s ruler, Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, stated in his letter to the British Resident in the Persian Gulf in 1912 that «Kuwait is an arid land, in which our forefather Sabah settled in 1022 AH.”

Proud to be Kuwaiti forum was completely distinctive this year, as it has been organized in an external area of approximately 20 thousand square meters. A heritage village inspired from the “Kuwait’s 1st Panorama” painting by the formative artist Asaad Bonashi, in cooperation with the historical researcher Bashar Khalifoh, built. The painting’s idea relies on a photograph of Kuwait in 1795 A.D.