The Theme Inspiration

The Kuwaiti formative artist Asaad Ahmad Bonashi has drawn a painting about Kuwait’s first landmarks, entitled “Kuwait’s First Panorama.” This painting includes a number of old Kuwaiti monuments, including mosques, markets and facilities and geographic locations surrounded by the first wall, since 250 years ago. This painting tells the story of the birth and the emergence of Kuwait since 1760. working on the painting took two months preceded by a long historical study and review of the sources and manuscripts with the extrapolation of historic landmarks of the old Kuwait City over the course of six months in coordination with the researcher and historian Bashar Khalifoh and review by Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghoneim.
In recognition of this Kuwaiti distinguished artwork, the Organizing Committee of the Sixth Forum of Proud to be Kuwaiti has decided to embody this painting and create a heritage village on the ground that reflects the glory and history of grandparents with the hands of grandchildren, commensurate with the requirements of the present era and technology to organize a unique exhibition and forum in the region and even the whole world.