injazat_logoKuwaiti achievements are one of the main pillars upon which the project is founded. The project has embraced 78 Kuwaitis achievements in the various scientific and practical disciplines, for which it has allocated a special corner in the annual forum in order to present them to the public with providing media support to them, to show and highlight such achievements.

Abdul Wahab Hajji

abdul_wahabKuwaiti student in the USA, won third position all over the world for majoring in Olympic Science in Argentina. He was also honored the award of excellence and creativity by his highness the Amir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al-Jaber 2013.

Abdullah Mustafa Younis

abdullah_mustafaKuwaiti inventor has been awarded gold medal at the First Asian Scientific MILSET Exhibition, under the patronage of UNESCO. He also has been awarded silver medal at Scientific Forum XII of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the major of Scientific Inventions.

Ali Al Ali

Ali Al Ali, is the first Kuwaiti producer has a good hand experience in both academic festivals and theatrical works. He holds a bachelor degree in acting and production from the higher institute of Theatrical arts. As a artist he has received many awards especially in the field of theatrical production in very young age. He also had received the award for “The Best Theatrical Producer for presenting several times the best complete presentation” in the theatrical festivals. He is also a member of the board for a popular theater.

Eng. Abdul Rahman al-Shammari

eng_abdulrehmanEng. AbdulRahman al-Shammari
Kuwaiti Engineer and founder of the site forum “Kuwait Engineer for Construction & Decoration. Through this, he has been awarded prestigious Sheikh Salem Al Ali informatics award. He also had been awarded from Kuwait Foundation for the advancement of Science.

ENG . Fahd Alhoichl

fahad_alhuwaishiKuwaiti inventor has invented an advanced electrical generator. He holds gold medal for an invention which helps to trouble shoot the problems faced by electrical generators, regardless, used in hospitals or in camping. This invention deals with rise of temperature and reduction of the fuel in the generators.

Faisal Ahmed Murad

He is Taekwondo player in Kuwait Club. He holds many medals and titles from inside and outside of Kuwait.

ENG. Hanan Al-Qattan

Kuwaiti Civil Engineer, she is Head of the Shelters in Civil Defense. She has been considered as a first female Engineer in middle east, specialized in the field of Design and Adoption of all type of anti-arms Shelters. She is also a Kuwaiti Novelist, has released books called “Kharbashat(Sribbles) for Princess of January” and “Book of Symphonies”

Hawraa Maqseed

Hawraa MaqseedFirst industrial designer in Kuwait, holding master degree in industrial designing from the University of Rochester for Technology.
She has worked on several designs related to the industrial designs field.

Khaled Al-Mudhaf

khaled_almudhafWorld champion in archery and holder of the higher positions on the level of Gulf, Arab and Asia.

Meshal Al-MUrjan

meshal_almurjanKuwaiti inventor represented Kuwait at many foreign forums in the field of inventions. He has invented electrical control system works with the help of SMS.

Meshari AL- Beaijan

Meshari AL- BeaijanThe owner of a patent invention from the USA in the 3D Seconds Board Game.

Mohammed Al-Sultan

Mohammed Al-SultanHe is a professional photographer; he has got number of achievements in the field of photography in Kuwait and Arab world and also on the global level.
His highest achievements on the international level is a gold medal in a competition in Serbia 2013 and a medal for Austrian competition in 2012 and his best photo printed in the newspaper in 2012.

Mohammad Thalab

mohammed_thallabKuwaiti Cartoonist has been selected and put top of the list of most prominent Arab Artists in the field of caricature. He participated and established several exhibitions and has been awarded Caricature Art Prize which has been honored him by the Public Authority of Youth & Sports.

Mubarak Al-Rumaidhi

mubarak_alrumaidiHe is holder of the many positions and championships, especially in car racing.

Dr. Nadia al-Khalidi

Dr. Nadia al-KhalidiFirst Kuwaiti novelist writes fiction series, specialized in personal skills development. She released a series of work called “Traveled to the crystal of your inner self”
She is practicing as a behavior instructor and trainer. She is a certified member of American board and holds a doctorate in psychology and a Master degree in family psychology.
She also has masters in business management and positive thinking and psychology and behavior therapy. She is a certified trainer in human resources from the board of gulf and Oxford academy and certified therapist in Color Therapy from UK.

Nasser Al-Azmi

Nasser Al-AzmiKuwaiti farmer, who first planted the coffee trees (coffee, tea, cardamom and saffron) in Kuwait. He proposed the idea of creating a Kuwaiti national forest and forestation of the island of Kuber.


NOUF AL-AMMARNational Tennis player of Kuwait, she participated in number of local and foreign tournaments. She holds third place in Arab championship and second place “doubles” in gulf championship, second place “singles” in gulf championship, first place “doubles” in Kuwait Open Tennis Championship, second place “singles” in Kuwait Championship.

Reem Al-Mee

Reem Al-MeeFirst Kuwaiti and Arab writer and journalist who visited Guantanamo detention. She carried out press coverage from inside the detention and interviewed number of political figures in UNO.
She is the author of the book “Kuwaiti woman in the Guantanamo”.

Saleh Bu Salha

Saleh Bu SalhaHe is the best prize holder for the Physics project on the level of the Asia. The device he created, it functions with solar cells and can be used for irrigation purpose to supply water to the crops in the field. He also participated in the competition for the best environmental project on the student level at Melbourne, Australia. He has participated in number of competitions, such as, Third Kuwait Exhibition for Science, he scored top for the 100 projects, Exhibition of Inventions in Australia, Exhibition for Environmental Protection, under the supervisor of Australian government. He is also working on the project to create device in Australia for participation in the international competition.

Salman Al-Otaibi

Salman Al-OtaibiKuwaiti inventor holds a gold medal and has been highly honored for his achievement. Salman Al Otaibi is one of the youngest Kuwaiti inventors.

Salman Khuribet

Salman KhuribetFirst Kuwaiti polo sports player, he has been recognized globally.

Sarah Behbehani

Sarah BehbehaniPlayer from Kuwait National Tennis Team, played many championships and got advanced positions. She won in Kuwait Open Tennis Championship in Women’s “singles” at the level of domestic and foreign, also participated in Gulf and Islamic countries championships. She participated in the west Asian championship and the Olympic Masters Tournament. She was the best season’s athlete in 2011 woman’s sport.

Zainab Khan

Zainab KhanFirst young Kuwaiti Academic TV Anchor in the field of political news. She has got the bachelor degree in the Mass Communications, majoring in Political Science from the Kuwait University.

She holds an award for being nominated for the best TV anchor in the Summer Festival Stars 2010. She had achieved the award for playing the best actress role in the play “Station 50” at the festival “Ayyam Masrah Lil Shabab”(Theater Days for Young People) in 2012. She also participated in Ukrainian Orchestra for a ceremony to commemorate the 20 years of Kuwaiti diplomatic relations with the Ukrain, it was held in the city of Kiev in 2013.

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